La Seu d'Ègara és Bellesa Print


Friday, 28 October 2011

Global3DSolutions premiered in the churches of Sant Pere cultural the short film in 3D "La Seu d'Egara és Bellesa" in the presentation of the cultural project of the Church of Sant Pere that brings the same title name.

The event was chaired by the Hon. and Rt. Angel Saiz Meneses Josep, Bishop of Terrassa, and the Hon. Mr. Pere Navarro, Mayor of Terrassa and it was attended by more than one hundred people.

Terrassa City Council wants to initiate the necessary steps to officially present the candidacy of the monuments in the churches of Sant Pere ("La Seu d'Egara") to receive the cataloging of world heritage by Unesco.

The monumental site of Seu d'Egara is a witness to the history of European Christian art from its origins to the present, with elements of almost all periods that makes it unique in Europe and the world.