Pyrenades 2012 Print


"Pyrenades 2012 is a festival in the heart of the Pyrenees, Pyrenean and workshops on how to spend Easter with family and friends in touch with nature and enjoy an exceptionally wide range of activities that will leave you free unforgettable memories of the holidays. " Manel well defined Rocher, Director Pyrenades Festival 2012 to be held in Salardú (Aran Valley, Lleida) 31 March to 7 April, organized a week, walks, lectures, film screenings Mountain, Music and Exhibition, dedicated to nature and especially Pirienus. Year with stellar activity, an exhibition on The Pyrenees depth: photography and stereoscopic 3D , "a spectacular journey between past and future, a curious bet that combines art, technology and science.

The program, organized by PyrenMuseu sponsored by the IDAP (Insitut Development and Promotion of the tourist sector) and the Council Naut Aran, in collaboration with, among others, the CITM and Global3DSolutions also encourage the Pyreneanmovement of people who initiated the conquest and discovery Pyrenean down. Century, seeking a new way to spend the holidays with family, enjoying cultural and recreational activities that help you feel the spirit of adventure and naturalist lovers Pyrenees.

The exhibition 3D is a commitment to the recovery of stereoscopic photographs of theAran Valley in the last century. Apoio be congratulated and initiatives like this can be a way to break the deadlock that is developing new technology 3D, when the public and private historical archives are full of stereoscopic images full value of photographic art and historical, such as files that have contributed with their pictures to make this exhibition possible: Pyrenmuseu himself, CEC (Mountain Center of Catalonia), theFoundation and the Hospital Benasque CITM / FUPC.