'I believe', world's first 3D documentary on the Creed, is applaused in Spiritual Cinema Festival Print

The documentary 'I Believe', produced by Spanish independent company Global3DSolutions, is meant to be the first ever movie on the Catholic Creed, being shooted in 3D. Its first part, called 'I Believe in God' was released to the audience today in Barcelona, as a part of the IXth Spiritual Cinema Festival programme. The 240 people attending the exhibition were eager to show its deep appreciation for the images, words and music exhibited.


The audience, wearing anaglyph glasses and ready to watch "I Believe"

The version released today was displayed in anaglyph format (i.e. to be watched with typical blue-and-red glasses), however the final version is being developed in high-definition full color. All attendees were provided with the necessary glasses.

Prior to the exhibition, Dr. Peio Sanchez -director of the Festival- stressed the opportunity and interest of this documentary, and showed himself convinded of the usefulness of this 'tool for the New Evangelization'. After the projection, a number of audience members (especially fathers and teachers) also showed their interest for the possible application of the documentary as an educative material for children at home and young students at school.


Dr. Peio Sanchez (left) and Vicenç Vila (right), during their speech at the introduction of 'I Believe'

The production of 'I Believe' will be terminated during the first half of 2013, in the context of the Year of the Faith.